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Sweet Corn Production Line

Rubber Roller Type Fresh Sweet Corn Dehusking Machine

Rubber Roller Type Fresh Sweet Corn Dehusking Machine is used to remove the husk from fresh sweet corn cobs. This fresh corn husk husker machine uses abrasive rubber rollers to ru ...
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Rubber Roller Type Fresh Sweet Corn Dehusking Machine is used to remove the husk from fresh sweet corn cobs. This fresh corn husk husker machine uses abrasive rubber rollers to rub away the husk from the corn cob. The cob is fed into the machine and the rollers remove the outer layers, leaving behind clean corn. It is typically used in commercial settings such as food processing plants or large-scale farms. This Rubber Roller Type Corn Husker Machine is suitable for corn that is a little old. for very fresh sweet corn, during corn husker, it will have some damage to the corn. Our sweet corn husker machine has obtained CE certificate and has been exported to Netherland, Austria and the USA!

Working principle of the Fresh Sweet Corn Husker Machine

The sweet corn peeling machine includes a frame, a shell, a transmission system, a roller device, and a water spray device. The surface of the rubber roller sleeve adopts a thread-like pattern, and the original ordinary rubber is changed to a composite rubber material. The rotation direction of each pair of rubber rollers is opposite.

All of the contact parts with corn adopt 304 stainless steel material. The motor is installed on the power seat, and the driving shaft is installed on the bearing seat.

The bearing seats at both ends of the driving shaft are not on the same horizontal plane. Because the driving shaft is equipped with spiral strips and rubber nails, and the transmission shaft is equipped with multiple rubber wheels, the driving shaft and the transmission shaft cooperate with each other, and the peeling device can evenly distribute the corn cobs between the two pairs of relatively rotating peeling rollers. And when the corn cob rotates by itself, it advances smoothly. During the movement, the bracts are torn apart by the special peeling claws, and the bracts are pushed down by the rotating shaft in an instant to complete the peeling.



Rubber-Roller-Type-Sweet-Corn-Dehusking-Machine Full-Automatic-Rubber-Roller-Type-Sweet-Corn-Husk-Removing-Peeling-Machine  Rubber-Roller-Type-Sweet-Corn-Dehusker-Machine-with-Elevator Full-Automatic-Sweet-Corn-Husk-Peeling-Machine Rubber-Roller-Automatic-Sweet-Corn-Dehusking-Machine Automatic-Sweet-Corn-Husk-Removing-Machine  Rubber-Roller-Type-Fresh-Sweet-Corn-Husk-Removing-Machine

Application of Fresh Corn Dehusking Machine

Full-Automatic-Fresh-Corn-Dehusking-Machine Rubber-Roller-Type-Fresh-Corn-Husk-Peeling-Removing-Machine

Working Process of Fresh Corn Husk Removing Machine

  1. Fresh Corn feed to the machine for peeling
  2. Corn will be peeled with a rotary roller roller
  3. Peeled Corn Cob will get out and fall on the selection conveyor. Workers can select the unpeeled fresh corn and put it back to the back conveyor for peeling again
  4. The peeled corn husk will take away with another conveyor.

Specification of Fresh Corn Husk Peeling Machine

  • Model: RM-CRH10000
  • Capacity: 10000pcs/hour around
  • Peeling Rate: 80-95%
  • Damage Rate: 1%
  • Power: 18KW

Working Video of Fresh Corn Dehusking Machine


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