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What is Difference Between Corn and Maize


Corn vs Maize

Corn, also known as Indian Corn, or Maize is an edible cereal plant of the Poaceae grass family. About 10,000 years ago, Corn was first cultivated by the natives in Southern Mexico. The Native Americans taught the Europeans colonists to grow indigenous crops and since its introduction to Europe by Christopher Columbus along with other explorers, it has spread across the globe, in the areas that are suitable for corn’s cultivation.

Corn is a leafy stalk that generates inflorescences known as ears that yield kernels or seeds, which are the fruit of the plant. In countries like the USA, and Canada corn and maize are the same thing, and the word corn is used for every cereal that produces kernels as fruits, however, in British English, the word “Corn” is used for any edible cereal plant.

Corn or Maize is grown in temperatures between 18 degrees Celsius and 27 degrees Celsius during the day and 14 degrees Celsius in the night. Its cultivation in the temperate latitude is restricted, moreover, it is susceptible to frost which is an important factor.

The difference between Corn and Maize is where Corn is the food ready to be eaten, Maize is the one that produces kernels in the field. Moreover, Corn originated in America, whereas Maize originated from Southern parts of Mexico.

Comparison Table Between Corn and Maize

Refers toCorn refers to the food on one’s plate.On the other hand, Maize (Zea Mays) is what one yields from the field.
ApplicationsCorn is not commonly used for formal, scientific, and international applications.Whereas, on the other hand, Maize is used in formal, scientific, as well as, international applications.
Used byCorn is mainly used for food items prepared using Maize’s grains.Whereas, Maize is rarely used for food items prepared using the grains.
Usage as per Geographical factorOn the other hand, the word “corn” is used in British English.The word “maize” is used by natives of America, i.e. it is American English.
Used inCorn can be used in the manufacturing of explosives, biogas, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, etc.Like Corn, Maize can be used in making biogas, explosives, as fillers in plastics, etc.

What is Corn?

Corn, in British English, is referred to as any small grain, it may be a single grain or even a peppercorn. The word was a mass noun when it came to grain such as, three tons of corn, but a unit noun when it came to other corn, such as peppercorn. It belongs to that family of plants that can grow up to 12 feet tall. Every “silk” is attached to an unfertilized grain i.e. kernel. The number of seeds depends upon the number of silks that are pollinated.

The English word “corn” has been evolved in the world along with words like kernel, and grain. Corn is traditionally used to denote the primary grain or crop. In some parts of New England and Atlantic Canada, it is known as “Cod”. Moreover, in England, it was used to denote wheat, whereas, on the other hand, in Scotland, it was used to denote oasts, and in some parts of Germany, “Korn” was referred to as Rye.

Corn or Maize is grown in large quantities in countries like the USA, Brazil, and China. It is a warm-season crop and yields good kernels if planted in soil with a temperature equal to above 60 degrees Fahrenheit, usually two or three weeks after the last frost spring. Corn, or maize planted in the cold season does not yield good results which means they are unlikely to germinate.

The plant takes up to 65 to 100 days depending upon the variety of the plant, as well as the heat intake of the plant during its growing season. If the season is long enough i.e. for 8 to 9 months, then the plant produces successive crops every two to three weeks.

What is Maize?

Maize was first applied by “Zea Mays”, a newly discovered plant. It was domesticated around 10,000 years ago in the wild grass of Southern Mexico and rapidly gained popularity in Central and Southern America, due to its edible factor because of which it was considered as a source of food, as well as, the fodder. Maize was easier to cultivate as compared to other cereal crops, or plants which required tremendous amounts of labor work in threshing and cutting.

The word “Maize” came to existence through the indigenous Taino people in the Caribbean, moreover, it is commonly known as “Indian Corn”, or the grain of the New World, in most European languages.


Main Differences Between Corn and Maize

  • Corn was first cultivated by Spanish conquistadors who learned to harvest and appreciate corn as a source of food, and its cultivation in Latin America grew unchecked, unlike other native crops, whereas, Maize increased its popularity among the native people of Southern Mexico and spread its cultivation in Central and North America.
  • Corn is referred to as any cereal plant, in British English, while on the other hand, “Maize” is the word used in American English.
  • Corn and Maize are used interchangeably, other names of the two are Korn, Indian Corn, Green Corn, Field Corn, Zea Mays, etc.
  • Sweet corn refers to Maize, when the kernels are still unripe, and mature which means it consists of hard kernels. Unlike, Corn which is the term that is used before the plant is fully mature and dry.
  • Both Corn and Maize can be used in the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, explosives, plastics, biogas, etc.


Though both corn and maize refer to the same cereal plant that produces kernels as its seeds, or fruits, its applications, as well as, the usage of the word according to the geographical locations is distinct.

Maize, or corn is one of the major staple foods in the world, moreover, it is used as a filler for plastics, adhesive, as well as insulation. Moreover, it is used in making explosives, chemicals, solvents, paint, dyes, biofuels, pharmaceuticals, etc. It also helps to improve eye health and reduces diabetes, hypertension, etc.



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